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With a strong vertical integration ability of EMS and ODM supplier

As the world-leading secondary cell manufacturer and the leading ODM and EMS supplier in the industry, backed up by its unique vertical integration mode, BYD provides the global mobile telecommunication end-customers with One-Stop services, such as produce design, manufacturing, testing, assembly and after-sales, etc. The key customers include the top brands like Nokia, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Lenovo, Hp and Toshiba, etc.

The IT products and business of BYD mainly include rechargeable batteries, plastic components, metallic parts, hardware electronic products, mobile phone keystrokes, micro-electronic products, LED display screen module, photoelectron products, flexible circuit boards, chargers, connectors, UPS, DC power supply, solar products, mobile phone ornaments, mobile phone ODM, mobile phone testing, mobile phone assembly, as well as the ODM, manufacturing, assembly and testing of laptop, etc.

Thanks to the vertical integration platform, BYD has cut the product costs and significantly reduce the development cycle. Upholding technological innovation, BYD boasts a series of advanced technologies in IT and mobile phone parts, such as PMH Technology and SBID Technology, etc. BYD utilizes its overwhelming strengths of cost reduction, efficiency and technology, and persistently provides competitive products and services to customers in a genuine sense.



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