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Alter the energy consumption structure and persistently strive for the sustainable development of human beings.2138k太阳城

Three Main Issues the World Faces Today In the past 250 years, the three Industrial Revolutions have profoundly impacted the civilization progress of human beings, and helped achieve today’s glories. However, a series of energy and environment issues also come up, i.e. the extreme consumption of fossil energy, such as coal and petroleum; the excessive emission of carbon dioxide making the global climate become warmer; and the worsening urban environment pollution and frequent occurrence of haze, etc.

Three Green Dreams of BYDBYD firmly believes that technology can change the world and benefit the human beings. BYD has Green Dreams, but more importantly, it has the technologies and solutions to realize them. Based on the advanced new-energy technology, BYD has established Three Green Dreams, that is, solar farm, energy storage station and electric vehicle, and persistently strives for the sustainable development of human beings.


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