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Wang Chuanfu: Commitment for Responsibility, Success by Innovation

Over the past 250 years, the course of human development of civilization was substantially advanced by the three Industrial Revolutions that contributed to present business boom. However along the course, many problems arose, including overwhelming consumption of fossil energy like coal and oil, excessive emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), global warming, grievous environmental pollution in urban areas and etc. At present, fossil resources are approaching exhaustion, for example, coal reserves can only sustain 200 years, natural gas reserves 100 years, and oil reserves 50 years. Also, consumption of fossil resources in vast amount causes severe pollution in urban areas, e.g. the London Fog, Los Angeles photochemical smog episode, recent incident of PM2.5 foggy weather in Beijing, and etc., all of which remind us of the exigency for environmental protection. As pointed out in Hu Jintao's Report to the 18th CPC National Congress, Chinese people should give priority to the construction of ecological civilization with joint efforts to create a beautiful China and secure sustainable development of Chinese people.

Any responsible enterprise should keep these problems in mind and have faith in that advanced technology is capable of changing the consumption mode of energy and securing sustainable development of human being. At all time, we’ve been strategically oriented to the development of renewable energy sectors and manufacture of green products with low consumption, and committed to renovating the ways in which energy is consumed with the spirit of exploration, innovative R&D and technology-based products. We spare no efforts in building the green outlook of “Three Green Dreams”, i.e. solar power station, energy storage power station and electric vehicle. We unwaveringly uphold the core business value of “Equality, Factuality, Passion, Innovation” and development concept of “Technology Based, Innovation Orientated”, so as to provide the society with more energy-saving and environmental-friendly low-carbon products, as well as more effective and greener housing and outing solutions for the public. We are committed to improving the environment for business operation and development, participating in social commonwealth cause, and performing our social responsibilities as an enterprise. Those are the eternal commitments along BYD’s consistent pursuit of excellence.

Wang Chuanfu

BYD’s development of solar power station aims at enabling thousands of families to use cost-effective solar power by vertical integration and effective reduction of production cost. Energy storage power station developed by us is capable of effectively storing solar energy and wind energy captured in daytime, solving the worldwide problem of energy storage. Furthermore, we’ve developed in succession the first marketable dual-mode electric vehicle F3DM independent of special charging station, pure-electric vehicle e6 of the longest driving range in the world, pure-electric bus K9 of world-leading technology based on leading-edge ferroelectric cell. We also pioneered in proposing “Develop Electric Buses” and materialized industrialized and commercialized operation of models e6 and K6 in cities like Shenzhen, Xi’an, Baoji, Shaoshan, and countries like Netherlands, Singapore, USA, Denmark, Germany, British London and etc. To make breakthrough in the field of electric public transport, we put forth the solution for electrifying urban public transport, known as the “4-Zero Plan”, i.e. “Zero-payment, Zero-cost, Zero-risk and Zero-emission”. The so-called “Zero-payment” means that the customer is exempted from capital pressure of lump-sum vehicle purchase; instead, the creative mode of “zero down payment plus installments” is adopted. The implementation of “4-Zero Plan” not only helps human getting rid of dependence on traditional fuel, relieving environmental pollution in full “Zero emission”, but also plays the role of positive demonstration and promotion in global independent innovation of automotive technology, secures a win-win in favor of mutual benefit among manufacturers, investors, dealers and consumers, truly promotes industrialized operation of electrified public transport, accelerates the world course in industrialization and commercialization of renewable energy vehicle sector, and ultimately ensures sustainable economic development.

Being the forerunner shouldering social responsibilities and practicing the concept of corporate citizenship, we always cherish the positive mindset of “create social value and pay back to the society”, and we’re glad to share our fruits of decades of development with the whole society. BYD Charity Foundation, in the concept of “promote the development of charity cause by technical innovation”, is devoted to wellbeing causes of disaster relief, aid to at-risk victims, education, medical & health, social insurance, culture, sports and etc., of which “Make Your Dreams Come True” is the most successful and sustainable action aiming at supporting hard-working and unprivileged students in senior high schools. BYD Charity Foundation not only pays their tuition fee, but also arranges “one-on-one” support of our volunteer to help them grow actively and healthily in schooling, and help them to establish correct philosophy and value, as well as pursue their own dreams. In 2013, we’ll put in more funds and volunteers in the field of charity to help those venerable crowds in need.

In the long run, we’ll not only target at realizing sustainable internal development by unceasing undertaking of social responsibilities, but also impassionedly share a brighter future with our employees, the whole society and the nature by making due contributions to sustainable social development.

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