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New energy industry technology pioneer, new energy vehicles leader

BYD is committed to the long-term development of new-energy business. We constantly enrich new energy solutions, and have succeeded in developing some Green products, such as solar power station, power storage station, electric vehicle, LED and electric forklift, etc. In the future, BYD will continue to lead the global new-energy revolution, free more countries and their people from the environmental pollution caused by fossil fuel burning, and let them enjoy the benefits of technological innovation.

Solar Farm

Scientists invented and developed the solar power generation technology, but the extremely high costs prevent people from accessing. How could we make solar power affordable to human beings?

BYD manages to reduce the application costs of solar power greatly, almost comparable to those of coal power, thanks to the polysilicon developed with unique techniques, the new refining method and the vertical integrated industrial chain, so as to accelerate the popularization of solar power, and enable numerous households and common families to access the clean energy.

Energy Storage Station

Backed up by the advanced iron cell technology, the BYD cell storage station has effectively solved the energy storage problem, a worldwide issue!

The stable output of solar and wind power can make the new-energy power connect to the grid easily. The new-energy is safe and pollution-free, and has a long cycle life; moreover, it is not limited by geological conditions. The power storage station, equipped with the iron cells self-developed by BYD, can have a conversion efficiency of over 90%, 20% up from the traditional pumped storage. For its remarkable economic benefits, the technology has a great demand and a promising prospect.

LED Lighting

Vertically integrating the upper-, middle- and down-stream sectors, BYD has self-developed the high-efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly LED lighting products, with a super long life. The self-developed iron cell technology makes BYD become the first company in the world to launch LED street lights with off-grid solar iron cells, and is also the first enterprise in China to launch the independent LED assembly head lamp.

Electric Vehicle

BYD believes that the environment and petroleum resource would not be able to support the high-speed development of conventional auto industry; the future for the auto industry is deemed to be the electric vehicles.

As the leader in new-energy vehicles, BYD is now the only company in the world to master the core technologies of electric vehicles from cell, engine and electric control, etc., and to own the mature marketing experiences at the same time. Since 2008, BYD has launched series of new-energy vehicle models, including F3DM, BYD eBUS-12 , e6, Qin, Tang and Denza , a model developed in collaboration with Daimler. BYD is also pioneered in proposing the “Develop Electric Buses” strategy, that is, to replace the conventional fuel buses with electric vehicles, and also has made dramatic innovation in financing mode to address the issues. In 2012, working with the State Development Bank, BYD launched a plan called “Zero Payment, Zero Cost, Zero Risk, Zero Emission”, so as to accelerate the electrization progress of public transportation vehicles. Presently, the BYD electric vehicles, such as BYD eBUS-12 , e6 and Qin, etc., have been sold across the globe. By the end of December, 2014, the BYD eBUS-12 has the longest mileage of over 220,000 km, and the pure-electric car e6 over 600,000 km, well overpassing the driving distance of an ordinary household car for 19 years.

In addition to the new-energy products to meet the market demands for public transport and private vehicles, BYD has also taken the lead in making the layout in the logistics area and will strive for full market coverage with its new-energy products. This will be a firm step for the human beings to create lovely and environment-protection city life, and also will play an instructive role in constructing a low-carbon and environment-friendly society.

Electric Forklift

Backed by the world leading Fe battery technology, BYD manufactured the first forklift in the world that is powered by iron cell. The BYD electric forklift has zero-emission and zero-pollution, and is Green and environment-friendly. Its good operability, excellent safety performance and humanized appearance design, plus the innovative marketing plan of Zero Vehicle Purchase Price, Zero Costs, Zero Risks, Zero Emissions, realize a win-win situation for manufacturers, investors and consumers alike, so as to lead the development of the forklift sector.

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