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  • BYD was Founded

    In February 1995, BYD was founded, with capital of RMB 2.5 million and 20 members.

  • The 1st Overseas Subsidiary was Founded

    In December 1998, the subsidiary in Europe was founded.

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    The 1st Industrial Park was Set Up

    In 2000, the construction of Kuichong Industrial Park was started, being the 1st industrial park of BYD.

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    Cooperation with Motorola

    In 2000, BYD became the first lithium ion battery supplier in China for Motorola.

  • Cooperation with NOKIA

    In 2002, BYD became the first China-based lithium ion battery supplier for Nokia.

  • Listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange

    In July 2002, BYD was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange Main Board (Code 1211HK) at the highest issuing price among the 54 H shares.

  • Acquisition of Qinchuan

    On January 22, 2003, BYD purchased Xi’an Tsinchuan Auto Co., Ltd. and formed the present BYD Auto Co., Ltd.

  • BYD F3 Hit the Market

    On September 22, 2005, BYD F3 hit the market.

  • Pingshan Industrial Park was Set Up

    In 2007, the construction of Pingshan Industrial Park was completed, where the BYD Headquarter is presently located.

  • Warren Buffett Acquired BYD H Shares

    On Sep 27th, 2008, MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co(Now Berkshire Hathaway Energy), a flagship investment company under the investment guru Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. announced to acquire 225,000,000 BYD H shares at HK$8.00 per share.

  • BYD Dual Mode Electric Vehicle F3DM Hit the Market

    On December 15, 2008, the BYD F3DM, the world’s first dual mode electric vehicle totally independent of professional charging station, hit the market in Shenzhen.

  • Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co. Ltd. Was Founded

    On May 27, 2010, BYD Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Daimler AG, and founded the Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd., with either party holding half the shares.

  • Visits of Warren Buffet, Charles Thomas Munger and Bill Gates

    On September 27, 2010, Warren Buffet, Charles Thomas Munger and Bill Gates travelled across half the globe and paid a 4-day visit to BYD.

  • IPO of BYD A Shares

    On June 20, 2011, BYD Co., Ltd. was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Code: 002594).

  • Sponsoring the World Universiade

    In August 2011, as the exclusive vehicle supplier of the 26th World Universiade  Shenzhen, BYD sponsored 200 BYD 12m electric bus and 300 e6 pure electric taxies to the Games.

  • Inspection of Premier Li Keqiang

    On January 7, 2014, the Chinese Premier, Mr. LI Keqiang, visited BYD. Premier Li made an important comment on BYD’s new energy industry and said, “Your work is very instructive.”

  • Issue of “5-4-2 Initiative”

    In April 2014, BYD issued “5-4-2 Initiative”,setting the performance targets for BYD future vehicle models.

  • Mr. Wang Chuanfu attended the 2014 Climate Summit and delivered a speech

    Sept. 2014, As the only New Energy Vehicle manufacturer being invited, BYD attended the 2014 Climate Summit organized by United Nations in New York. Mr. Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD Company Ltd.,  delivered a keynote speech showcase BYD three green dreams.

  • Global debut of BYD “SkyRail” in Shenzhen: Monorail system to contribute to alleviating traffic cong

    On October 13th, the global debut of “SkyRail”, a monorail system developed out of BYD’s five-year RMB 5 billion R&D project, was held in Shenzhen at BYD’s headquarters. This marks the company’s entry into the multi-trillion yuan mass transit market.

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    BYD strong settled the United Nations "Sustainable Development Advisory

    On January 12, 2016, the Sustainable Development Advisory Committee, a Private Sector Advisory Board for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in China, was launched in Beijing to bring together some of the country’s most influential business minds

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    With Visit of Chinese Premier, BYD Announces Its Bold Sustainability Plans for Brazil and Region

    Brasilia – BYD Company Limited and APEX-Brasil have jointly announced that BYD is building its second South American manufacturing facility to produce photovoltaic solar panels. This factory comes to add to BYD’s electric bus manufacturing facility to be opened next July, both in the state of S?o Paulo.

  • UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon Awards BYD Zero Emission Energy Ecosystem for its Advancement in Su

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, on behalf of the UN-DESA and China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC) project Powering the Future We Want - Recognizing Innovative Practices in Energy for Sustainable Development, granted BYD Company Ltd. an award – in recognition of its contribution to advancing access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy




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