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The following provisions shall apply to all users or visitors who visit the Web site of BYD Company Limited and its affiliated sites (commonly referred as the "Site"), and please be sure you have read the following terms carefully before you use the Site. All rights reserved by BYD Company Limited (as BYD).If you don’t agree with any of the following terms, please stop visiting the Sites immediately. Once you use the services provided by this Site, it is considered as you have understood and fully agree with the contents of the Terms of Service, including any changes of Terms of Service on this website. BYD is entitled to take any legal or other necessary remedy measurements for any violation of the terms.


BYD has the rights to interpret this statement and the use of the Site when necessary. BYD can modify any of the information for the service provided on this Site at any time without any notice or warning in advance. In order to get the latest version of the information, please visit this Site from time to time to understand the current stipulations of the Terms of Service.
BYD could choose to terminate, modify, suspend or discontinue any aspect of service on the Site, such as restrictions on certain services or restrict your access to certain parts of the Site or all features and services at any time without prior notice and shall not undertake any liabilities.


For the information published on this Site, including but not limited to text, images, data, opinions, recommendations, web pages or links, BYD states clearly not undertake any form of guarantee, and any liabilities for the error or omission of the abovementioned content and not promise any guarantee, whether expressly or implied, for the content including but not limited to the ownership of security, no infringement of the rights of any third party, quality, and any guarantee of non-computer virus.Any user of this Site violates the provisions of this statement which leads to violation of the laws of People's Republic of China, shall be responsible for all the consequences of their own, and this Site shall not bear any responsibility.

The Thirty Party’s Website太阳城集团国际娱乐网址

Any links to third-party's on this Sites is just as a convenient service to you and it shall not mean that such information is endorsed or recommended by BYD, nor is used for publicity or advertising purposes. BYD does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, adequacy and reliability of any of these information, data, views, pictures, statements or recommendations. You will leave this Site as soon as you click any of these links. If you decide to visit any site linked to third-party websites, the possible results and risks shall be undertaken by your own. BYD is free of any liabilities.

Terms of Service

Any non-BYD product or service mentioned in this Site is just for the purpose of offering relevant information for these products and shall not constitute any approval or recommendation for the aforesaid products or services. BYD shall not make any representation, warranty or endorsement for any products, services or information provided on the Web Site, all products and services for sale shall be subject to the Sales Contract and be bound by relevant terms hereof.
The information provided on this website has internationality, so not all of the product or service mentioned in the Sites is provided in your country or region, and please contact local sales representatives or agents to make sure whether the products or services is provided or not in your country or region.

Confidentiality of Personal Information

This site is committed to protecting your personal privacy. Any personal information you provided through this Site, shall only be used by BYD to the largest extent permitted by law to improve services provided to you. Once you provide your personal information, it means that you have understood and accepted the use of your personal information and authorized BYD to use your personal information for the specific purpose. Without your permission, BYD committed not to sell your personal information at any time under any circumstances. However, according to law, the requirements of government departments, BYD may provide certain personal information to these sectors; or on the condition that BYD has reason to believe that it is necessary to protect the benefit of the company, its customers or the public, BYD is entitled to disclose certain personal information you provided within as small as it could be of the scope and the situation you should have foreseen when you agreed and provide your personal information.

Information Uploading 澳门太阳城娱乐官网

Any user of the Site user is not allowed to send to or spread any information with virus, involving insults, slander, and other illegal or infringing material and information under Chinese law and regulations. BYD is not obliged to supervise or inspect any information you transfer to the Site, and shall not undertake any responsibilities or obligation for any information you provide to the Site, BYD completely reserves the independent rights to inspect and remove any information you provide to the site at any time without prior notice and do not have to explain to the user.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content on this Site is protected by the laws and regulations of People's Republic of China, including but not limited to copyright law, any other industrial and intellectual property-related laws and regulations and relevant international law. Any information, text, pictures or charts disclosed in the Sites shall only used for your own and can not be used for any commercial purposes, and not allowed to copy, modify, transmit, or publish without the written permission of BYD. Notwithstanding aforesaid stipulation, inspection of government departments in accordance with the law and regulations is exception.
All of the trademarks, logos and service marks on the Site are the property of BYD or are the legitimate rights of any third party. Any form of using, permanent download, copy or distribution is prohibited without written consent from BYD or the third party.

Applicable Law

Any disputes arise from this announcement or using the Site shall be governed and construed by the People’s Republic of China.
Any disputes arise from this announcement or using the Site shall be settled by consultation and negotiation by both parties equally and friendly at first. In the event there is no agreement could be reached by the above-said manner, any party is entitled to submit the relevant disputes to be settled by the Jurisdictional Shenzhen Court.

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